25 February 2021

There are so many advantages in buying more sustainable brands, not only are you taking care of your bank account, but you can also help the environment too. Shopping for clothes always bring happiness in our lives so why not take that small step in bring happiness into the world too by being more conscious in what we shop.


Why is buying sustainable important:

Buying sustainable can be the main reason to why clothes are being thrown out less, as the brands do not use synthetic materials which will cause clothes to be rip or shrink quicker after a couple of washes/uses. With case study provided by wrap.org.uk it reveals that an estimate of £140 million of clothing are going into the landfill each year. With these stats it paints a clear picture to why the fashion industry became the second largest consumer of the worlds water supply and produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions.


Here are FIVE sustainable brands which can help:



Tala is a casual clothing brand, which focuses on the comfort of their products which their customers can have as they work out or lounge in. Tala have a very strict sustainable mission statement which they apply within their work. “We are TALA. We’re here to disrupt your wardrobe with our slow fashion approach to sustainable style that doesn’t break the bank, or our planet. TALA is the brand you always knew you wanted but could never quite find – affordable, sustainable styles without the need to compromise on high – performance pieces and flattering fits.” Tala offer wide range of products from workout apparel to underwear and accessories, from their £1 mini face cloths to their £75 oversized borg jackets.  (wearetala.com)


Lucy & Yak:

Lucy & Yak are an independent, ethically, and sustainable brand. Almost 100% of their products are either organic or recycled, also to complete the full circle of being an environmentally friendly brand, Lucy & Yak offer material bags which is 100% recycled and can be re-used when customers receive their purchases. All the clothes are made in North India, where they also to pay their workers 3-4 times the state minimum wage. Their products range from unisex dungarees (£40-£65) to scrubs (£26). (Lucy&Yak.com)



Pangaia are a sustainable brand. They offer products from their special collection ‘Shop by science’, which is clothes made from different materials, such as organic cotton, tree free, seaweed fibre, recycled cashmere, recycled cotton, PPRMINT, grape leather and many more. With this Pangaia go by their ethos of the company which is focused on the environmental side of fashion. They offer apparel and footwear products for women, men, and kids at the prices from £55 to £200+. (thepangaia.com)



Everlane is a sustainable brand. They are currently working on building a transparent and environmentally responsible supply chain which makes high quality, low-impact, long lasting products. As they want to leave an impact on the planet. Everlane offer apparel for women and men, with bottoms from £63 and tops from £41. (everlane.com)



WeloveFrugi are mainly a children’s wear brand but also offer home/gifts and grown up range. Welovefrugi run their company ethically by using materials that are not harsh on children’s skin, who  may or may not have sensitive skin. The materials they use for their products include organic cotton grown by farmer they trust and the outwear is made of recycled plastic water bottles. The products for the kids’ range are from £3.50 to £70 and their extra products which is targeted at grown ups and home & gifts range at different prices from £7 to £69. (welovefrugi.com)